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Transition with Success


Changing firms is one of the key inflection points in the story of your practice. It could mean
implementing a redefined practice, an alignment with new partners, or an entirely new structure—
transferring your entire book of business and your client relationships in the process. Making that
inflection point successful takes diligent planning and comprehensive stewardship. And that’s
exactly what LPL Financial’s team of Business Transition Partners is here to do for you. Our key
goals are:

• To provide a best in class transition experience
• To support the movement of your book of business in the most efficient and strategic manner
so you can get back to running your business

Here are the Five Phases of an LPL Transition:

Due Diligence
A consultative process combined with our industryexpertise to help guide
you toward your vision of success at LPL.

Make Your Decision to Join LPL
Begin meeting with your dedicated transition team to discuss your specific
transition needs and create a transitionplan.

Advisor Onboarding
Affiliate with LPL, provide system access, and strategize a plan to transition
your practice, including productmapping.

Practice Transition
Execute on transition plan, including repapering, continued training, and
setting up your office.

Successfully move your practice and continue to learn about out tools and