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1. Home Office Support

   Packet Creation

  • Account Forms printed
  • Announcement letter created and printed
  • Folders labeled with advisor name and address
  • Packets stuffed and mailed
  • No cost to the advisor

   Dedicated Transition Support

  • Home office personnel will come to assist transition

2. Local Support

  • Dedicated Local Support

3. First 90 Days

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance Covered Affiliation Fee Covered All Office Related Expenses Covered All First Year Licensing Costs

4. ACAT Fees

  • National Financial Services will Reimburse 100% of ACAT Fees for all Accounts Fidelity Institutional will Reimburse 100% of ACAT Fees for Accounts

5. Tangible Items

  • Laptop/Desktop
  • Personal Office
    • Desk, chair, phone and file cabinet
  • General Office
    • Lobby and conference room furniture and artwork
    • Communication system
    • Fax
    • Internet setup (routers and servers)
    • Exchange server for mobile Microsoft Outlook
    • Printer and copier
    • Postage meter