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The LPL & UPSTREAM alignment

UPSTREAM Investment Partners has partnered with LPL to provide a curated holistic offering to meet the unique needs of an enterprise's clients and advisors. 

Technology to serve the client:

Technology should be integrated and simple to use - for the advisor and client. A real App, fully integrated with e-sign, integration with outside planning tools and single website for all work

Great Economics:

We present low-cost solutions and high payouts to advisors to help them invest in their business and grow. 

Simple Compliance:

Compliance that understands how to inform the client and simplify the work that advisors need to do to comply. An approach that says 'how can we help you get this done quickly and compliant?'

Tools for business growth and service:

Advisors want to grow their business and want to serve their clients well. A B/D partner will have services for marketing, client development, service centers with quick turn around time and a team of administrative people to back up your own team.